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Boundary House Farm, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 1UA

01704 827224

Gardeners by Hedging UK - Here at Hedging Uk, our services include Hedge plants for sale based in Ormskirk and covering the surrounding areas of Lancashire. Hedging Uk sells 19 different types of hedging plants such as box hedge plants, castlewellan gold leylandii trees, instant hedging plants, box hedging plants, and holly hedging plants. This makes Hedging UK, the place to go when you find yourself wanting to buy hedging plants in the Ormskirk area. They also offer advice to customers on hedging plants, whether it’s how to care for hedging plants or if you need help on how to plan a hedge. Hedging Uk are the best in the business and offers the best expert help and advice to customers to help them find the hedging plant most suitable for them. Based in Ormskirk, Lancashire why not try Hedging Uk and start your garden transformation today with some amazing-looking hedging plants?

We are based within the Ormskirk area L40
Lancashire, North West England

Hedging Plants, Hedge Plant Spacing, Pot Grown Hedge Plants, Planting A Hedge, Box Hedge Plants, Landscaping, Home Improvement, Gardening Services

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