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Flat 7,Westmoorland House, Heysham, Lancaster, LA3 1DW

07885 545737

Construction by Damp Resolutions - Here at Damp Resolutions, our team provides specialist mould removal services throughout the Heysham and Lancashire area. If you need a mould removal company to carry out removals of mould from home areas, our team should be your first choice. We use our vast wealth of experience and knowledge to provide a wide range of mould removal services using techniques such as damp assessments, extractor fan installations and positive input ventilation installations. We take mould very seriously as it can cause serious harm to building occupants and can also be a sign of other serious problems such as dampness.

When you need damp specialists for mould removal, positive input ventilation, atmospheric fogging, extractor fan installation, condensation removal, extractor fans, damp assessments, and condensation solutions, choose our friendly and professional team at Damp Resolutions and get the best team in the Heysham and Lancashire area for your home improvement needs.


We are based within the Heysham area LA3
Lancaster, Lancashire, North West England

Damp Removal

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