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Interested in advertising your business online in a place built on high quality? Then here is the place to start, advertise your local UK business here for free. We are dedicated to providing a quality directory for business owners, startups, entrepreneurs and any other business owner. If you own a business and find that your company should be listed then get started! Listing your services with us is easy and literally takes seconds to publish. All we ask is that your business must be directly related to the UK. Any small business company for the UK is welcome to be listed even if you don't have a physical address you may still get listed.

How to advertise and list your business with us

You simply start by clicking on that big green button at the of top this page or any page you may have landed on. Then simply provide the following (some are optional). Location, Category, Business Name, Unique Title, Business Description, Website, Provided Services, Areas Covered, Phone Number, Address, Opening Hours, Picture. Once you have provided all the required information your listing will then be sent to us for moderation. Depending on your writing speed or if you are simply copying and pasting (which we don't recommend) it will take your seconds to get started.

Ways to promote your business to benefit you more

Promoting your business on our directory does not stop with simply listing it and going. There is an art is actually listing your business and getting the maximum promotional benefits. What makes our business directory different from the rest is that we give you extra business promotion with the opportunity and ability to add a unique title alongside your business name. This is a great way for you to draw in extra traffic from search engines as you can add keyword rich titles. Spend time on your listing and provide unique quality content in your description. After submitting your listing it is also advised to share your business page on social media sites to increase awareness.

Where to advertise your business effectively

Our directory locations consist of cities, major towns, and counties. Where you may not be able to find your exact town or a village you have the option to list your company in the available county. When you advertise your business in any given location or category it important that you have thought it through. By thinking it through we mean is the location or category relevant to what your business is about and where it operates from? Does your selected location match address details? Are users going to be able to find me in the correct category and location? These are very important things to consider before advertising your company in our business directory.

How to advertise locally

To advertise your business to a local audience you would simply choose a region then select a city, town or county after you have selected these mandatory options you will then be presented to fill out our street name address, local area, and postcode. Be sure to fill out the local area section as this will help you to target the specific area. You also have options to provide areas that you cover this is just as important as the local area section as you can also target the surrounding location from the are which you operate in most.

Targeted advertising techniques

Although we are a business directory we're quite a unique one. As stated above we allow you to add unique titles alongside your business listing. This is also shown in search engine results. Now, this is quite a powerful feature if used correctly and may be used to target specific customers for your business. For example, you own a mechanics and you provide discounted prices for the elderly you could simply write in your title: Auto Car Repairs, Discounts for OAP. Now your potential customers have the opportunity to find your business listing from search engines if they use similar or exact keywords. This is a powerful technique with the opportunity to bring targeted customers to your business page.

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