Top Chiropractic Birmingham

Top Chiropractic Birmingham

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180 Lifford Lane, King's Norton, Birmingham, B30 3NU

02074 952206

Chiropractors by Top Chiropractic Birmingham - At Top Chiropractic we have a unique and specific approach to your health. We start with the premise that your body is an intelligent organism, designed to be healthy. We also understand that your body has the ability to heal itself and self-regulate extremely efficiently and is constantly striving to do this.

The spine and nervous system are closely related, and issues can occur in the spine that can impact the function of the nervous system. To chiropractors, these issues are known as vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxations occur when your body is unable to adapt to the stress that it is under. This can come in several different forms, shapes, and sizes, such as physical car accidents, sports injuries, prolonged postures, even mental stress, to name but a few. The effects of these subluxations on the body can be as small or as widespread as you can imagine – from unnoticeable changes to a plethora of signs and symptoms leading to a diagnosis of disease.

Our goal is to understand your health concerns and help you to regain control of your health.

We are based within the King's Norton area B30
Birmingham, West Midlands

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