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Computer Software by Smart Workforce - Smart Workforce is an all-inclusive workforce management software. It lets managers get real-time insights into staff performance and make data-driven decisions for higher productivity. The user-friendly and interactive dashboard displays all the information about shifts, employees, and service areas in one place.
The best thing about Smart Workforce is its exclusive features. It is the only SaaS offering BS7858 Staff Vetting, Automated Control Room Management, Patrolling Management features, and basic workforce management functionalities.
As a supervisor, you can assign shifts, check staff's availability, and create flexible schedules based on client's needs with a few clicks. Moreover, you can track work hours, access GPS locations, and process payrolls seamlessly. The software has an intuitive interface that is easy to use.
Below are the key features offered by Smart Workforce
BS7858 Staff Vetting: Perform comprehensive background checks on applicants and screen your employees as per the BS7858 vetting standard.
Automated Control Room Management: Comply with the lone workers' safety regulations with an automated system that makes welfare checks to confirm employees' safety and sends instant alerts if the check calls are missed consecutively.
Patrolling Management: Track the GPS location of teams patrolling within a specific area. Employees can scan QR codes at different checkpoints through the mobile app. The system automatically creates patrol reports that are accessible on the web app by the admin.
Time and Attendance: Track work hours accurately and calculate employee wages in minutes. Managers can check their employees' sign-in and sign-out timings and offer meals or breaks during shifts per the client's requirements.
Scheduling and Reporting: Build employee schedules considering the workload, staff availability, and client's needs. Share schedules with your team, and check the status of ongoing shifts in the dashboard. Download schedules and reports in your desired formats.
Leave Management: Give your team the flexibility to request paid or unpaid time off with the Smart Workforce mobile app. Review leave requests from the admin dashboard, check details and make decisions accordingly.
Incident Management: Streamline the incident management workflow to create a safe workplace for your employees. The software allows on-duty staff to report hazardous incidents, share relevant information, and upload documents for reference.

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