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Unit 5, 10 - 16 Harris Street,, Unit 5, 10 - 16 Harris Street,, London, M8 8EG


Medical & Health Centre by Safta Bee - Beekeeping suits are an indispensable component of a beekeeper's gear, and our Beekeeping Suit Cotton collection offers the ideal blend of comfort and protection. Designed to guard against bee stings and provide a comprehensive shield, these suits are meticulously crafted from high-quality cotton fabric.
Our Beekeeping Suits are tailored to meet the needs of beekeepers of all experience levels. The use of premium cotton ensures breathability, keeping you cool during warm weather hive inspections. The suits include a jacket with a detachable veil, and pants, effectively safeguarding your body from head to ankle.
Crafted with attention to detail, these suits feature reinforced stitching and secure closures to prevent any gaps that bees could exploit. The detachable veil ensures excellent visibility and can be easily removed for cleaning or storage.
Whether you're a professional beekeeper or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our Beekeeping Suit Cotton collection provides the utmost protection while allowing you to work comfortably. Explore our range and elevate your beekeeping experience with the assurance of safety and durability.

We are based within the Unit 5, 10 - 16 Harris Street, area M8

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