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The Vicarage, Parsonage Road, Laisterdyke, Bradford, Bradford, BD4 8PY


Management & Consulting by Marily London Ltd - We are a leading training and management consultancy, focusing on our core ***odology of experiential and discovery learning – a powerful training approach that engages employees, accelerates learning and prolongs knowledge retention. The solutions we offer span critical areas such as business acumen, leadership accountability, sales activation, customer centricity, organizational change, talent leadership and project management.

Through these solutions we increase knowledge, shape changes in strategies, enhance behaviour, improve performance and increase revenues. Creative team building interventions that enhance bonding, teamwork and clarity on team goals, is another dimension to our business which has achieved outstanding feedback and results.

Our motto is "Managing People Partnerships".

We offer three types of training solutions:

Bespoke - we work with the client to develop and deliver bespoke training courses to meet all
the client’s objectives. We develop the course and reference materials which can be delivered
on a rolling basis or as a unique event, depending on the client’s requirements.

Tailored – one of our courses already meets the majority of the client’s needs, but requires
specific tailoring for a particular group of employees or client base to ensure a perfect fit.

Standard – one of our courses already meets the client’s requirements, but the client would
prefer the course to be run in-house for a number of people.

We provide development in the following areas and more:

- Leadership
- Team Building
- Sales & Negotiation Skills Development
- Supervisory Skills Development
- Finance for Non-Finance
- Accounting, Risk Management
- Project Management
- Communication & Presentation Skills
- Accounting and Finance
- Compliance and Audit
- Customer Service, Quality and Productivity
- Creativity, Innovation and Critical Thinking
- Career Development
- Operational Excellence
- Marketing and Brand Management
- Entrepreneurship

Management Consultancy Practice

We believe organizations need comprehensive expertise to ensure their human capital
strategies are in fact able to meet business requirements and objectives, alongside engaging
the workforce to perform at their optimum. This can only be achieved with the help of a
Business Partner who can truly understand the dynamics affecting the organization internally
and externally, and deliver tailor-made solutions based on best practices.

To support an organization’s human capital strategy and a high-performance culture, we
provide services in the below mentioned areas:

- HR Consulting
- Corporate Strategy
- Marketing and Branding Consulting
- Entrepreneurship Consulting
- Social Media Consulting
- Web Design & Development Consulting
- Project Management Consulting
- Strategy and Leadership Consulting
- IT Consulting

We are based within the Bradford area BD4
Bradford, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire & Humber

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