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Gawsworth House, Westmere, Crewe, CW1 6XB

01270 536000

Industrial Supplies by James Walker UK - James Walker UK was established in 1882 and with the insight and commitment of those who have led the company, has grown to become a dynamic global business. Customers around the world rely on James Walker products to help keep their pumps and valves operating efficiently and safely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Materials: Through their Materials Technology Center in the UK, James Walker develops and compounds its own range of elastomer materials, holding over 300 unique formulations including many bespoke developments for specific customer applications across the biopharmaceutical, nuclear, defence, and oil & gas industries.

Products: Their engineers and material scientists are on the front line of a constant battle to provide advances in sealing technology that will enable our customers to extract greater performance and reliability from their own products, plants, and processes.

Testing: It is the belief of James Walker UK that, when selecting and specifying materials or products, relying solely on published claims utilising undisclosed test methodologies is unwise and potentially dangerous. The only true method to determine whether the sealing capability of a material or product will be suitable is to undertake product-configured tests under conditions as close as possible to those found in the application.

Manufacturing: When designing and manufacturing bespoke components for critical applications only perfection is acceptable because we know that the business, environmental, and potentially human cost of failure in operation is too great.

Engineering: Our materials and products don’t work in isolation – their interaction with housings, shafts, and other components is critical to overall performance. An effective solution may therefore often lie in changes that can be made to other components, and it is here that the experience of our applications engineering teams comes to the fore. Major improvements in performance and reliability are often achieved through minor re-engineering suggestions from our design teams.

We are based within the Crewe area CW1
Crewe, Cheshire East, North West England

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