Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Br

Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Br


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58 East St, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4HD

0117 336 1727

Entertaiment by Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Br - At the heart of Bristol lies Hell in a Cellar, a place where the thrill of problem-solving and the joy of storytelling merge to create unforgettable experiences. The "Clockwork Conundrum" room stands out as a marvel of mechanical and narrative design, inviting participants to step into a steampunk-inspired world where time is both ally and adversary. This room challenges teams to manipulate intricate puzzles and contraptions that seem to come straight out of a Victorian inventor's workshop, all in a race against the clock to prevent a temporal catastrophe. The attention to detail in the room's design, from the brass fittings to the whirring gears, transports participants to an alternate reality where steam power reigns supreme. Hell in a Cellar's dedication to creating a tactile and visually stunning experience makes the "Clockwork Conundrum" not just a game, but a journey into a world where the past and future collide.

We are based within the Bristol area BS3
Bristol, South West England

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