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Ascent Resilience

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The Fairways, Spitfire Drive, Colchester, CO6 2NS

01376 422079

Education by Ascent Resilience - Ascent Resilience provides training services ranging from basic first aid to advanced programs such as First Response on Scene (FROS) and Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS), as well as event emergency planning, business continuity strategies, and on-site medical support. We leverage our extensive experience in the NHS Ambulance Service and skilled rescue technicians to ensure a safe environment.

We are based within the Colchester area CO6
Colchester, Essex, East of England

Training, Online Learning, On-site Medical Support,Event Emergency Planning and Support , First Responders on Scene (FROS), Major Incident Management & Medical Support (MIMMS), Tourniquet& Haemostatic

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