Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd

Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd

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28-29 Bertie Ward Way, Dereham, Norwich, NR19 1TE

01760 300464

Computer Repairs by Anglia Computer Solutions Business Ltd - Not only is it frustrating when IT fails, it can also become costly. Having half the workforce out of action not being able to deal with customers’ requests is any owner’s nightmare, even having one machine malfunctioning can cost a sale. Whilst Anglia Computer Solutions can’t guarantee against failure, having a support contract gives your staff a number they can call for prompt assistance.

All of our support contracts come with monitoring services. At Anglia Computer Solutions we can react quickly and effectively to any reported problems but crucially we also employ remote management and monitoring software that helps us to be proactive by alerting on predictive issues such as imminent hard drive failures and low disk space. These things, left unchecked, can lead to hours if not days of downtime, so we work quickly to help ensure these prospective issues do not become big problems.

Backups are essential. Computer systems will fail – it’s never a case of if but when. You may have a backup system installed but when was the last time you checked to see if it was working? Have you ever tried recovering a file from a backup to see if the data is accessible? As part of our contracts we actively manage the backups to ensure that we have at least one good one per week as a bare minimum. We use a combination of file backups, virtual server recovery solutions and online backups to ensure you still have your data in the event of any loss, whether it be accidental deletion of a file, or a complete server failure.

Find out more about us and our services by giving us a call today. We will be on hand and happy to help in any way we can.

We are based within the Dereham area NR19
Norwich, Norfolk, East of England

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