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21 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5BB


Fitness by Mike Heatlie Personal Training Ltd - Mike Heatlie MSc is the owner of Mike Heatlie Personal Training Ltd. Currently conducting Personal Training sessions at Edinburgh's iconic Royal Commonwealth Pool Gym on Dalketh Road, Edinburgh.

As one of Edinburgh’s leading Personal Trainers, Mike Heatlie has outstanding credentials. Having worked in the fitness industry since 1989 and a personal trainer since 1993, Mike Heatlie has accumulated qualifications that few can boast. He currently holds four degrees including three Masters degrees in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Public Health Nutrition, as well as a Bachelors Degree with the highest Honours in Sport and Exercise Science.

In February of 1997 Mike was hired as the Personal Trainer to the American singer Gwen Stefani and subsequently worked with Stefani on and off for 18 years including numerous world concert tours transforming her post-baby physique into the best body in Hollywood to much media acclaim:

“Of all the people who deserve credit for making No Doubt's return tour such a giddy success, singer Gwen Stefani's trainer merits extra kudos. When Stefani took the Gibson Amphitheatre stage Wednesday night in a brash outfit that seemed equal parts chola swagger and Hamptons riding crop, women in the audience gasped at the impeccable tone of her abdominal muscles.” LA Times, 2009.

“I knew Gwen Stefani was in shape, but this is ridiculous... in a good way of course! Here she is performing in LA and that my friends is a six pack! Ladies, Gwen is a mother of two, so no more excuses! Sure, she probably has tons of help, but you need more than help to get a body like that, you need determination. So what you waiting for?! Go get some!!” Hollywood Tuna, August 2009.

“If Gwen Stefani did not exist, it is quite possible the makers of abdominal exercise machines would want to invent her. Truly, her stomach is a thing of wonder. It is not so much a six-pack as an entire mini-bar of perfectly formed tautness. Her abdomen muscles are so well-defined, they merit a permanent slot on Countdown's dictionary corner. When she saunters on stage in a micro croptop and low-slung trousers, it is all I can do not to become transfixed with tummy envy and forget all about the music.
She is undoubtedly a talented singer, but this show proves that Stefani truly excels as an effervescent all-round performer with a unique creative imagination. And, it has to be said, with truly exceptional stomach muscles!” Elizabeth Day, The Observer, September 2007

“it’s gotta be said; outside of Iggy Pop, Gwen Stefani has the best stomach in rock. There’s no getting around it; this thing is a force of nature. Her abs oughta be insured by Lloyd’s of London.” Shawn Connor, July 2009.

“Gwen Stefani showed off her amazing post-baby figure on stage in Los Angeles on Wednesday night - 11 months after giving birth to her second child. The American singer, who turns 40 in October, looked just like she did when her band No Doubt first leaped to fame 14 years ago. Gwen showed off her killer abs and sculpted figure as she performed with the group at the Gibson Amphitheatre as part of their summer reunion tour.” Daily Mail, July 2009.

In 2009 Mike opened his private Personal Training Studio at Meadowbank, and with his team of over fifteen Personal Trainers, helped thousands of clients in Edinburgh lose weight, tone up, and feel better than they had done in years. Wishing to spend more time with his daughter, and imposed lockdowns through the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike closed his Personal Training Studio in 2020 and now works closely with clients at the Royal Commonwealth Pool Gym in Edinburgh.

We are based within the Edinburgh area EH16
Edinburgh, Scotland

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